Are you running out of time and your dinner guests are about to arrive?

There’s no need to worry, the perfect solution to your problemi s the perfect blend between the tasty “Ragù alla Bolognese – Le Veneziane” and whatever shape of corn pasta “Le Veneziane” you have in the pantry. We recommend the “Penne Rigate” but the result is excellent also with the “Rigatoni”.

In a large pot bring the water to boiling point, add salt and pour in the “Penne Rigate – Le Veneziane”. Stir carefully while keeping a close eye on the cooking time indicated on the package.

Let’s move on to the sauce: in a non-stick pan pour the “Ragù alla Bolognese – Le Veneziane”. Heat it up on low heat. Once the pasta is ready drain it and set aside for later some cooking water. Puor it in the sauce pan and add some grated cheese, sautee the pasta with the Ragù in order to let both flavours blend together perfectly.

In just a few steps and a couple of minutes you’ll have prepared a first course dish which will delight your guest’s palate.


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