A classic of the Mediterranean cuisine, which can be acheived in a few simple steps with the help of the organic “Sugo al Basilico” from the “Le Veneziane” product line.

Take a tall and wide pot, fill it with water and bring it to boiling point. Add salt and pour in the “Penne Rigate”. Stir while always keeping a close eye on the cooking time.

In the meantime, on a non-stick pan, pour and heat up the sauce on low heat, then add salt and pepper.
When the pasta is ready drain it and pour it in the pan with the sauce.

Mix everything in order to let the flavours blend together. If you wish you could also add some grated cheese and some fresh basil leaves. Here we used the “Penne Rigate” but this recipe will turn out great also with other shapes of pasta such as: “Rigatoni”, “Gnocchi” and “Spaghetti”.


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