From the Ligurian culinary tradition, loved throughout our Bel Paese for it’s unique taste. Here is a quick and simple recipe that will allow you to serve a tasty and rewarding dish on the palate. The secret? The mix between the gluten-free corn pasta “Le Veneziane” and the “Pesto alla Genovese” sauce, also from the “Le Veneziane” product line.

Let’s start by boiling the water in a pot. Once at boiling point add some salt and the “Eliche”. Stir carefully while keeping an eye on the cooking time. We recommend this particolar shape but the result would be equally outstanding with the “Fettucce” shape. Now we move on to the seasoning: puor in a pan the “Pesto alla Genovese – Le Veneziane” sauce and water it down with some cooking water.

If you wish you could also add some cream cheese in order to achive that “creamy” consistency. Drain the pasta into the sauce pan, and mix everything together.

Buon appetito!


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